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Canadian War Museum
The offical site of the Canadian War Museum, with information about the institution and virtual exhibits.

Loyalist Collection
The Loyalist Collection at the University of New Brunswick is a special collection on microfilm of British, North American Colonial, and Canadian primary sources from approximately, 1740-1870. The chief focus is Colonial America, the American Revolution, and the early years of Loyalist settlement in British North America. Seachable.

Fortress Saint John:
Saint John's Military Heritage Information on the unique Saint John's history, as well as in-depth information on the military sites located in this area.

A-30 Canadian Infantry Training Centre (CA) (Camp Utopia):
History of A-30 Canadian Infantry Training Centre (Camp Utopia), maintained by the Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society.

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society:
A history of the Pennfield Ridge Air Station during the Second World War.

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society Blog:
A blog of the activities of the Pennfield Ridge Military Historical Society.

Socitété Culturelle Sud-Acadie
The Socitété Culturelle Sud-Acadie home page includes information on the 165th Infantry Battalion of the Canadian Corps (165ième bataillon d'infanterie, Corps expéditionnaire canadien) and a book on the battalion, entitled Le bataillon acadien de la Première guerre mondiale by Claude E. Léger.

Maryland Loyalists and the American Revolution
These loyal Marylanders were exiled to Fredericton, New Brunswick at the end of the war. The History of the First Battalion of Maryland Loyalists (1777-1783) is covered at length. One Muster Roll of soldiers' names is included on the site.

Boer War
Heritage Resources on Saint John residents who served during the South African (Boer) War.

University of New Brunswick Topographic Map Collection, World War II vintage
The Map Room has an extensive series of topographic maps, with some coverage of foreign jurisdictions. The largest component of the foreign topographic map collection has been acquired by the Military and Strategic Studies Program of the Arts Faculty at the University of New Brunswick.

North Shore Regiment Virtual Tour
Follow New Brunwick's North Shore Regiment from the OVERLORD landings at Juno Beach to their assault on German fortifications at Carpiquet. This interactive tour includes many archive photos, maps, and contemporary photos of the ground as it appears today.

New Brunswick Hussar Corporal Harold Jorgen Skaarup,
G753, 5th Armoured Regiment (8th Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars). Click on Browse Before You Buy to read the complete book online.

Prince of Wales American Volunteers
Lists 550 men of the regiment. Brief histories on some of the individuals are included.

The Loyal American Regiment (1777-1783)
A brief regimental history of Colonel Beverley Robinson's loyalist unit which settled in New Brunswick at the conclusion of the rebellion. Includes photos, maps & footnotes.

Ticonderoga Soldier
Concerns the authors first ancestor on the Saint John River, Elijah Estabrooks, who kept a diary during his service as a British Colonial soldier between 1758 and 1760. Click on Browse Before You Buy to read the complete book online.

United Empire Loyalists' Association
New Brunswick Information on the society.

New Brunswick at War
New Brunswick Provincial Archives.

Crile archives and centre for history education

From colony to country: a reader's guide to Canadian military history (nlc-bnc.ca)

The Canadian Military History Project

Canadian Military History Theme Page

Over 1 million military pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity.

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